Mar 27, 2017

An explanation if you are still upset about Hillary Clinton.

Every once in awhile I’ll see something written by some Hillary supporter griping about the what ifs and thoughts along the lines of, ‘If Hillary were there and this happened I’ll bet they would have strung her up’ or something to that effect.

Let’s look at this picture:

See that pic? Okay, so in some parts of the world (including the country we fought a War of Independence from) they have this thing called monarchy. It’s where if you are the member of a certain family you effectively get to run things just based off of heredity. I found this great definition for those among us who have trouble understanding this concept:
Since antiquity, monarchy has contrasted with forms of democracy, where executive power is wielded by assemblies of free citizens. In antiquity, monarchies were abolished in favor of such assemblies in Rome (Roman Republic, 509 BC), and Athens (Athenian democracy, 500 BC).
Now, the last time I checked our nation is a Democracy (although you will probably get an argument even on that in some quarters).

As such I find myself more than a little bit bothered that since 1992 our nation has been led by the members of two families and for a little while there it looked like it was something that was going to continue. The whole Bush/Clinton/Bush thing accounts for 20 years of this nation’s history (and my life) and thinking that we could be looking at another four or even eight years of dynastic rule is not only antithetical to the foundations our nation was built upon but could be nauseating as well.

The United States is the third most populous nation on the planet with 324,725,000 or 4.33% of the entire population on the planet and you actually mean to tell me this IS THE BEST WE CAN DO?

What is it that we would have to keep picking the leaders of our country from the same families (and this extends to Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton and anyone named Bush)?

I realize one of the things that was held out as part of the qualifications for Hillary to be President was that she was a former First Lady.


So, maybe I should let the Surgeon’s wife do my next operation or a Pilot’s wife fly the plane on my next trip or maybe better still the Gynecologist’s husband can do your next exam?

I find that argument so inherently stupid yet seemingly smart people were in fact making it.

In absence of any kind of record of legislative success over a Senate career that could at best be called lackluster, a record as Secretary of State that was filled with missteps and disasters, or going further back and looking at an initiative and actions that set the cause of healthcare reform in this country back 2 decades, sharing a bed with a President (and one wonders if that was even the case given Willie’s actions) just doesn’t rank high on my list of qualifications.

Now, the thing here is I’m pretty sure that the very same people who would lay the label of misogynist at my feet are also the same ones who had absolutely no problem mocking Sarah Palin or doing their level best to denigrate Kellyanne Conway or Ivanka Trump.

Funny how that works.

You know how they talk about six degrees of separation? I’m two degrees separation from the Clinton’s and truthfully what I’ve heard about her is enough to give me shudders.

Mind you, it’s not as if I think we’re all hunky dory these days either with what we’ve got BUT I can live without being in a nation that has royal families and for that I am thankful.

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